Upbeat Perform

What is it?

With Upbeat Perform, you can create beautiful virtual performance videos with up to 140 people in minutes for concerts. No video editing skills or special hardware required. Simply send an invite link to your performers, and as they submit their parts, Upbeat Perform will automatically create a video for you. You can also edit performers' parts if they're too soft or loud, or calibrated incorrectly.

Create a video for free at https://play.upbeatmusicapp.com/perform.


Check out our YouTube channel for some featured Upbeat Perform videos.


Upbeat Perform is absolutely free for everyone to use — anyone can create and download videos with up to 140 parts, with a watermark. You do not need to be an existing Upbeat user or a PRO member to get started.

To export a video and remove the watermark there is a one-time charge:

  • 2-4 parts: FREE
  • 5-16 parts: $9.99 per performance video
  • 17-140 parts: $39.99 per performance video


All users are limited to creating 10 new performance projects per month, with some exceptions. Click here to learn more.


Upbeat Perform Tutorial from Jonathan Glawe [15:30]

Performer Instructional Slides from Lauryn Deets [15 slides]

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