Upbeat Perform Project Limit

Upbeat Perform allows you to create up to 10 projects per month. Deleted videos still count toward this limit. This limit applies to everyone except certain users on an Education or Group Plan.

Upbeat Live Education Plan Exception

If your school or organization is on an Upbeat Live Education Plan (meaning that all users from your institution received and entered a license key into Upbeat Live), the following users can create unlimited projects on Upbeat Perform — you aren't limited to 10 per month.

  • Teachers on an Upbeat Live Education Plan
  • PRO Unlimited Users on an Upbeat Live Education Plan

Do projects roll over?

You always have 10 projects per month, regardless of how many projects you created the previous month. There is no rollover for unused projects. This limit resets on the first of every month.

What happens to projects from previous months?

Once you create a project, it is always yours and attached to your account. It will not be deleted at the end of the month unless you choose to delete it.


It was very important to us to keep Upbeat Perform free to create preview videos, only charging to export and remove the watermark. This ensures that everyone can use Perform risk-free, and only pay when they are happy with what they see.
However, running Upbeat Perform costs us money every time a video is merged. To ensure that we can continue offering this service and allow free previews, we chose to limit the number of projects created to 10 per month.

Remove Project Limits

There are two ways to remove the Upbeat Perform monthly project limit:

If you plan to use both Upbeat Live and Upbeat Perform, or if multiple people in your group need the ability to create Upbeat Perform projects, your most economical option is to set up an Upbeat Live Education or Group plan. In addition to your subscription to Upbeat Live, this would also allow some users to create unlimited projects every month in Upbeat Perform. Keep in mind you will still need to pay a one-time fee to export final videos without a watermark for your virtual concerts. Contact us for more info

If you are an individual user and want unlimited Perform Projects for yourself, you can purchase a Perform Unlock for a one-time fee of $300. This will get you:

  • UNLIMITED Perform Projects for 1 year, plus
  • 5 FREE small ensemble video exports (5-16 parts) — $49.95 value
  • 5 FREE large group video exports (17+ parts) — $199.95 value

Click Here to Purchase Upbeat Perform Unlock

Thanks for being a part of the Upbeat Family!

Seth and Sudarshan, Cofounders