Upbeat Perform Pricing

Upbeat Perform is absolutely free for everyone to use — anyone can create and download videos with up to 140 parts, with a watermark. You do not need to be an existing Upbeat user or an Upbeat Live PRO member to get started.

To export a video and remove the watermark there is a one-time charge:

  • 2-4 parts: FREE
  • 5-16 parts: $9.99 per performance video
  • 17-140 parts: $39.99 per performance video


All users are limited to creating 10 new performance projects per month, with some exceptions. Click here to learn more.

Upbeat Live Pricing

Individual Subscriptions

Free Forever
PRO Basic
$ 9.99/mo
PRO Unlimited
$ 19.99/mo
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Merge multi-frame videos
play and download merged recordings
Video and text chat
Participants per room41616
Rooms per week25Unlimited
Room time limit30 minutes1 hourUnlimited
Observer Mode
watch room without participating in recording
give students live feedback
Leader Mode
play with partners while recording
advanced tempo/style adjustments
Backing Track
upload and play with custom track instead of clicks
Priority support
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You always have 10 projects per month, regardless of how many projects you created the previous month. There is no rollover for unused projects. This limit resets on the first of every month.

Once you create a project, it is always yours and attached to your account. It will not be deleted at the end of the month unless you choose to delete it.

Yes! When a PRO member creates a room, anyone can join it and will benefit from the PRO features, including the longer room limit. However, the room will still count toward both members' weekly room quota.

Example: Susan, a PRO Unlimited member, invites John, a free tier user, to a room. Both players enjoy a PRO session. After the session ends, John only has one of his two weekly sessions remaining on the free tier.

If your account has used up its session quota for the week, you will not be able to join any more rooms. You will have to wait until the following week, when your quota resets.

Typically, every member of a group will get the same plan. However, this is up to you - under our educational and group plans, you can choose how many PRO accounts you would like to purchase. Free users can join PRO rooms and use PRO features, but note that every room that users join counts toward their quota. So, once a free user has exhausted their two rooms for the week, they will have to wait until the following week.