Upbeat Music App Newsletter: Volume 1


Wow, what an exciting few weeks it's been! In the past week, we've hit record numbers of active users, rooms created, and videos merged. Thanks for making music with us!

In order to keep users like you in the loop, we're starting a newsletter to send updates on our features and other major events in the Upbeat world.

Featured Videos

If you're not following our Facebook page, you're missing our featured videos. Here are some of our favorites:
  1. A string quartet by students from Johns Creek High School
  2. Jonathan Glawe's (Pioneer HS) tutorial video, explaining how a rehearsal or homework assignment with the app could work.
  3. Young Kim's (Johns Creek HS) in-depth tutorial video, explaining how to set the app up and use it with a group of students.

What's New

Pricing Announced

Pricing details for Upbeat PRO are finally here! Take a look at our website for individual membership pricing, or contact us to inquire about education or group discounts.

If these pricing plans don't work for you, we encourage you to keep using our free tier! The free tier will continue to have all the features you know and love - support for up to 4 people, quick merges, and synchronized playback. And it's not going anywhere - we intend to keep it free forever.

PRO Feature: Observer Mode

Sometimes, you just want to watch others in your room without having to participate in the recording. Now, whether you're a teacher, music coordinator, or just feeling off, you can head into Settings and toggle the "Observer" option. You'll be able to watch the entire process, but will not record yourself.

Input Settings

If you have multiple cameras or microphones, you may have found it a pain to change input devices. No more mucking around in Chrome settings - Upbeat now has a Settings option where you can quickly choose which input you want to use!

Text Chat

Text-based chat was one of our most requested features, and we were excited to launch it! Now, you can communicate with recording partners while they are preparing to record or calibrating, and you can send links back and forth without having to use a different platform.

New Video Chat Server

We recently overhauled the way we run video chats, hosting the chat infrastructure ourselves instead of using a third party. What this means for you is that your chats are now more secure and private, since the data does not go through any other company before reaching the other side. Plus, the new setup should result in higher quality calls, which is important as we prepare for larger rooms.

What's Next

We're working on several exciting PRO features!

More Participants

We hear you - your group is bigger than 4 people. We're working on increasing the number of participants to 9 people, and plan to be releasing this feature within the next couple of weeks. Immediately afterward, we will work on raising the limit to 16.

Leader Mode

Many musicians have observed that, when playing with a metronome, it's difficult to be musically expressive. We're working on a new room mode that will allow you to designate a "Room Leader". The Leader will play first and submit their recording. Then, everyone else will be able to play while listening to the leader instead of the metronome.
We expect to be launching leader mode to PRO users in about a week.

Backing Track

The metronome is a great tool, but isn't always what you want to play with. Soon, you will have the ability to upload an audio file, and everyone will record while listening to that instead of the metronome. You will even be able to include the audio file in the output merged recording!

Thanks for reading, and for your support! We can't wait to see what the future brings, together.

Sudarshan Muralidhar and Seth Radman
Cofounders, Upbeat Music App